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Date: November 4th 1918
Emily Adams

November 4, 1918

My dear George

Last Thursday I received your nice long letter dated Oct. 12th & this morning another long one dated Oct. 6th & at the same time came one from Fred dated Oct. 6th. It is now 3.30 pm. I had been anxiously waiting for the postman before beginning this to you in hopes that there would be a letter from Alex to Edie but no, only a letter for me from Aunt Jur dated Oct. 6th. I was pleased to have it as it is quite awhile since we heard from them. It is funny yours of Oct. 12th came through so quickly. We are so glad you enjoyed the contents of your Birthday Box. That was a very nice compliment Sergt. Harston paid Edie & myself. This week we shall be busy getting things ready for the Christmas Boxes. Don't we wish you could spend Xmas at home but suppose that is hardly possible although the war news-are very encouraging lately. I wonder if Rev. Mr. Skey will remember you. I think you knew that his son is in France. Last Friday evening Edie & I walked all the way to Mrs. McCreary's. They live on Keele St. 828 We started at this end. My it was a walk & to crown it-all we walked back. After spending a very pleasant time we walked up to Dundas St. On our way up we saw two cars go. But when we got there we waited until we shivered so thought we had better walk. It was nearly 12 o'clock so we trotted home & got nice & warm. To-morrow eve Mrs. McCreary, Ethel & Minnie are coming here. Yes everything is going along first rate. Last week I paid Erine for our winter's supply of coal. 7 tons at $10 makes 70 dollars & we were lucky to get it at that as most people have to pay 12 or more and lots of folks can't get a bit at any price - so we have much to be thankful for. The credit is due to Ernie for looking after it for us. Edie went out to Weston Sat. & Ernie took them out to see the New [Bloor] Viaduct. Yesterday Ernie & Nora had just arrived for tea when Miss Goffin called to take Edie out in a friend's Auto; so she is in luck's way lately. I called to see Mrs. Cannon last Friday afternoon but nobody was home. Yesterday we didn't go to church as Edie got up too late, so I think I'll go over to-morrow.

That certainly was a long letter you got; it will take you some time to answer.

With fondest love & many kisses
Your loving mother
Emily Adams