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Date: November 26th 1918
Emily Adams

November 26, 1918

My dear George
Your letter dated Nov. 14th came Saturday afternoon. I intended answering it right away but Edie came in from her walk sooner than expected. Then in the evening I went over to see if they had heard anything more of Dan but they had not. I must tell you. Last Thursday morning Eva came over with a cablegram they just received saying Dan was in Nettey Hospital. It didn't state if he was wounded or what. So of course they thought the worst but I said not to worry as it might be just a slight wound. In last night's Telegram [newspaper] it says "Ill" so I hope it is nothing serious & that he will soon be home. Nora was in for lunch & she has gone over to see if they have heard anything more & if they had she was to come back & tell me before taking the Car home. She hasn't been back so I hope no news is good news. Eva cabled Louie & told her to go & see Dan but the cables seem to take quite a long time. Dan was admitted in hospital Nov. 12th & they didn't hear until the 21st.

Nora brought in the Birthday letter she received from you yesterday. I'm so glad you remembered it. She was more than pleased. I was quite interested in the Daily Mail & can imagine how excited you all were at the good news. Last Saturday evening Edie was over at 153 & before she left Mr. & Mrs. Haggarth went in to say good-bye as they were going away till after Christmas & what do you think? - they had 1/2 lb. Tins of tobacco, one for each of you four boys & each had a card. I will enclose yours in this letter. Of course they were too late for the boxes as they were sent off the early part of last week. Anyway the tobacco will keep; it is Imperial Mixture. I expect Fred is home for good as peace was declared before the date fixed for his leave or would that make any difference? I wonder if Alex saw Marjorie this time. I'm wondering how soon I shall see My Boy. Last Thursday Edie received a nice long letter from Alex & a P. P. Card of Aberdeen. He also sent me a P. P. Card saying he was having a good time. He told Edie he was sending us all souvenirs & he hoped I would like what he was sending me. I do think that it is good of him always to remember me. I am sending you tonight's Telegram as I think it will interest you & have enclosed the two Soldiers Telys in it. We are longing to get your letter written after peace was declared. We are wondering where's Gus is whether he got leave. It certainly would be nice for Aunt Flo to have them home for Christmas & to think they wouldn't have to go back.

Well dearest must now close. Trusting you are in good health.

With fondest love & many kisses
Your loving mother
Emily Adams