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Date: March 3rd 1917

W.H. Bell
A Co 50 btn
March 3 1917

Dear Sister,

I got a lot of letter from home lately but haven't had time to answer them cause we don't have much time to write we're busy all the time in the line and when we come out for a few days the make us shine all the brass on our equipment what do you know about that and instead of giving us a day or two to do it in we come out of the trenchs to night about ten oclock all cover with mud and have to be shined up the next day by noon. So you see why Bert says he's lucky. I gues they want to make us so sick of it that when we get the chance we'll fight like hell and end the war.

Well I will have to quit grousing and tell you something but I can't tell you much I gues I can tell you I heard the huns crying "Mercy Camarade" Most of the prisoner are quit happy when the realize thay are capture and in the hands of the British some of even start to sing it seem a shame to have to kill them

You will be thinking by the way I talk that the is a war on so I gues I will have to quit

Have the started seeding yet it is yet[?] fine here now much to Fritz's horror I am all right hoping you are all the same


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