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Date: May 20th 1919

[transcription provided by collection donor]

Whitley Camp, England
May 20th 1919

My dear Carl,

Back at the old camp once again, where we spent 11 months, 2 years ago Came over from France on May 11th. Seems like getting back home

Am going on leave to Scotland on Saturday. Expect to sail for Canada about June 15th. But the strikers, over here, are holding everything up!

We are having the most beautiful weather but things are very dead around camp, as all the boys are on leave except 10 of us. We go when they return. I stayed behind because I'm having a snappy uniform made to order by tailors in Godalming…. 25 bucks, but worth it, as I'll have to be wearing a decent rig, when I land at home.

The first 5 days we were here, we did nothing but parade before medical boards, answer questions, sign papers etc. SOME demobilization system.

Thanks very much for your letter, received a few days ago. Expect to spend about a week with Murrill in Detroit on my way out…getting some civie clothes. So address letters, after this, in care of him.

Lots of love for Mabel and self from your affectionate brother,