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Date: May 1st 1918
Don (Jack)

Woodcote Park
Dear Olga -

Well at laast I have a letter from you. It is dated Mar 11th. I sure thought you had forgotten me altogether.

My hand is coming on fine at present and it may be as good as ever soon. I expect though that I will have one stiff finger as the bones and cords are all cut.

The country is looking very beautiful here at present, as the grass is so green and the trees all leaved out. There is a private park near here, in which there is a herd of deer, some large swan on the small lakes, and dozens of rabbits, they burrow under the roots of the huge shade trees. The park is well laid out and overlooking it at one end is a large old mansion. I hope you have got the book on Versailles by now Yes it is a very grand place and no one knows how much it all cost to build. There are also 3 000 acres round about it all laid out with fountains. It is all too grand to try to picture. In 1870 the Germans captured it, but they must have been a different class from what they are now, as they protected all the stained glass windows and the remarkable paintings. Yes your description of Sadie is pretty accurate, but I do not think her pretty, but some might. You are like me "in that respect" I do hate to be stared at, and we get it here sometimes, especially us who have our arms tied around our necks; and the old ladies will stop us and ask us all about how we got hurt and the like. It is very boring at times, but we have to be civil, and pretend we are interested when they start in on a narrative of theirs and their neighbour's family troubles. I have had some experience "I can tell you" since I left Canada. I might happen to be back there this time next year if my hand does not get into shape again, but do not bank on it. We have a moving picture show just across the street from our hut. There are pictures one might and a concert or vaudeville the next. The pictures cost 4 cents and the concerts 1 cent. 12 cents for reserved seats. I hope you got the letter I sent you one month ago today. It contained M's letter and some pictures. I will send my address again for fear the other gets lost - Sig. J.M. Brown 886089 Hut 31 C Division Can. Con. Hospital Woodcote Park Epsom Surrey England. Well I'll call this to a finish now Give my best love to all at home and say Hello to Will Bryan for me if you happen to see him. He and I were always such good friends when at Leadbeater's, Well write often

Your Loving Brother

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