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Date: November 29th 1917

Thursday, Nov 29/17

Dear Mother:-

Still on our way and still alive and happy. Have not been afflicted with mal de mer so far and yesterday we passed through some very rough weather. Today it is calmer. Quite a few took the count yesterday and from their remarks they didn't care whether we ever got to land or not. Muirhead, one of the boys in our cabin, was laid out all day but he is feeling better now. I myself have felt dizzy at times and I will be glad to get my feet on solid ground once more. Last night it was so rough they put us all down off the decks and even after we went to bed you had to brace yourself to stay in your berth. The meals do not improve to any extent and the fact that we have difficulty in getting fruit of any sort makes it worse still. The sea breezes are certainly invigorating and it is a rare treat to walk the deck with the stars & moon overhead and a nice breeze to fan your brow. It seems so hard to realize that we are away from Canada and getting nearer to the "fighters land" day by day. We do not travel very fast, only about ten knots per hour. [sic] We manage to get clear of work. We had about half an hour of work to do this morning, bringing up some supplies from the bottom of the ship for the canteen. We will be a lazy bunch when we arrive in England. I have been going to do some washing ever since I came on board - some handkerchiefs, sox & towels - but can't develop enough energy.

Will write more again


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