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Date: March 20th 1916
Balliol Boys Club

20 March 1916
With the Canadian Expeditionary Force

It is a long while since I heard any news of the Club. My mother wrote and told me some wks ago that someone from the Club had called to enquire about me and I could not think who it was. Well I am getting on pretty good "somewhere in Belgium"

At the present time I am in the trenches which are not so bad now that the weather is better, but I have had a pretty rough time all winter up to my knees in water. I was expecting to be home on leave soon but all the leave is stopped now.

I have been at the front now for about 6 months but have never seen anyone I know out here yet but the Canadians are all together and we seldom mix with the British Troops I was thinking the other day it would be nice after the war to have a meeting of the old Boys at the Club for I believe everyone who was a member joined the army. When I was home from Shomcliffe I could not find one of my chums - they had all enlisted. We do 6 days in the trenches and 6 out which is not so bad because except for a few sausages etc our trenches are pretty quiet.
It looks as though we had Fritz beaten, that reverse at Verdun will help a lot to end the war and I think it can't end too soon.

Well I guess I will close now I should be very pleased to hear from you and to get any news you have of Messrs Collier, Rae, Hamilton or any of the Club members. Hoping you are all well

Believe me, yours sincerely J A Cowles