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Date: 1913
Balliol Boys Club Magazine

The Balliol Club in Canada

Some of our Canadian members have already returned home and before
this book is printed 2 of our English members will have sailed for Canada. Few readers need any introduction to Jack Cowles or Fatty Marsh.

It is indeed sad to think that we shall no longer hear the clatter of Fatty's penny on the pavement or witness the bewildered gropings of his victims, or feel the infection of his sly sidelong smile as the time worn trick tells once more!

Jack Cowles again brings back thoughts of many happy days in Club and Camp. He reminds us of all the joys of being young. His name recalls Boy Scouts and "Tatcho" and all our stalest jokes, once new, now directed against the freshest of fresh-comers. It is sorry work, saying good-bye, yet miles of sea and acres of prairie cannot separate us. The Ballion Club is not confined to "The Friars", it exists in the fact of membership and the Balliol Club must spread and its members go abroad. Canada must gain by it, and we must not lose but remember our friends abroad.

To Fatty and Jack we bid farewell do not forget us while away come and see us when you return.

Good luck