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Date: November 13th 1916
Mother and Brother

Camp Seaford,
November 13, 1916

Dear Mother and Brother,
By waiting and longing long enough for some news, at the end it has happened:
I received your nice letter dated October 22nd which I received on Friday, November 10th and it had not been opened in transit [censored].
I see from your letter that you did not have much time to write either, with all the work.

Well, Brother and Mother, this is the last letter which I am writing from England.
I believe we shall remain here only a short time, very soon we will be taken by boat to France.
Mother and Brother, don't get too anxious about it.
It is in good spirit that I go to my new destination.
I am sure that I will return from there to our little house.
So, the only thing I ask is that you pray a lot for me.
Then if it is God's will that I should die, I shall go straight to heaven and will never forget you.
I too love to pray.