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Date: March 6th 1917
Trotter Family

March 06, 1917

Dear People,

Have just come in from a very short walk, and am sitting in the officers' lounge-room in the hospital waiting for tea. There isn't much new to tell you, naturally; though if one had the energy, something could be worked up in the way of vignettes of hospital life. One poor old chap who was sent down to the Base to-day was dotty for a day or two at first, and was really very comical. He had an idea that there was nothing at all wrong with him, and that nurses, doctors and orderlies were in league to torment him. Consequently he objected strenuously every time he was touched, and had to have every drop of medicine and nourishment forced down. After he came to his senses he was as meek as a lamb and did everything he was told without a murmur.

I am sending a page from the Sunday Pictorial which has some good things on it. The old land has not yet lost its appreciation of humor.

Love to all.