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Date: June 30th 1918

Looking towards a large house

Somewhere in France

Sunday, 30-6-18 60

My dear dad,

Your letter [?] arrived this morning and as you have guessed I was very pleased with it. [?] (as I suppose he does) what he is going into is a hero for volunteering for France. [?] God speed and a safe future; the Hun's aren't frightened of Scotties who are always pottering about on parapets in no-man's land like the Canadians and other colonials. I was surprised to hear that Uncle J was going up for medical exam [?] will be passed A. By the way in my last letter from him he said that he had not seen Miss [?] for some time; does that mean that he has given up the idea of courting the young lady! Have you come to any arrangements with Uncle Will as to how the ? question can be settled? I hope very much that neither of you will be called upon to go and particularly for mother's sake.

I have had a very happy day today. Reveille was at 8 o'clock and breakfast [?] so that I had nice time for a good rest and brush up before Church parade at 11.30am. Our [?] service was held in the open and under some trees and lasted for quite an hour. I thought of you all during the service. So as information we had a cornet player from the band to play the hymns and we had four of my favourite ones among which was "[?] Son of God's immortal love" and "Peace, perfect Peace", the last being a great favourite of all out here. Our padre is a good one and as the [?] preacher and his interesting address was on "Peace" also; it seems a huge [?] that we should be fighting for lasting peace; but "His ways are not our ways nor His thoughts our thoughts" being higher than ours, as the sky is above the earth.

Stuart and I have been with each other for the remainder of the day. We went for a stroll before dinner and in the afternoon we went into the thick woods where the shade was delightful. When I got back to the billet and to add to my joy I found three letters from my [?], Walter and old Luie - [?] Thank mother ever so much for her kind cheering letter. I am very pleased that the [?] that the [?] in the line. [?].

S and I had such a "bon" day today. [?] three fried eggs each (cooked them ourselves), bread, margarine and jam, cake and tea! You can scarcely credit that perhaps.

This evening we have [?] "down to the spot where it [?]" inspection to [?] The [?] landscapes are much [?] than English, there being large [?] of cornfields without any hedges and patches of wood [?]. I can just see the cathedral and the [?] sunlight is just [?].

Yesterday evening after I had finished writing mother's letter I went for a lovely walk through the woods and then listened to our band which was playing selections on the village green!

Thank you ever so much indeed for the good wishes for my safe return - I trust they will be fulfilled before long.

Au revoir,

From your loving son,


Letter No. 60.