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Date: July 20th 1918
Dinkey (Albert)

Saturday 20th July, 1918
A cubby hole Somewhere in France
Letter No 79

My dear mother,

I received, with great joy, your two letters written last Sunday and Monday. Your [?] I once remarked are never "stale" - I marvel how you can make the household news seem so new. I was rather sorry to read in the Quad Mag that Campbell did not propose to give children's addresses. I think this is rather a fine feature in the service - a children's address is all a kid can possibly listen to. The Board's letter arrived yesterday giving me permission to apply for a commission and I submitted it at once. As far as I am concerned my papers are now in order. I don't suppose I shall hear any more about them until the Division is relieved again, altho' I may hear sooner, with luck. It would be just the thing for Stan if he could go down to Wood's farm for his holiday. They are practically bound to take him. I am pleased the photo arrived alright - if I get the chance to have another taken somewhere I will do so. The Sunday Times arrived this morning with Dad's letter and a p.c. he wrote on July 5 at Southend!; also a letter from several scouts.

I have not been having a bad time this last day or so, in fact, taking all things into consideration, it is quite "posh". On Thursday eve I was sent to another trench about a mile away and as the accommodation was not good, Stanfield and I, who share this bivvy, had to make this place respectable before we turned in at about 12.30am. I had a good sleep fortunately and felt A.1. yesterday. I spent the day making this "apartment" comfortable and if you could see me now you would be gladly surprised to find how nice it is. In the afternoon I was able to rest and as I felt too tired I did not write any letters. It is not possible for me to write many up here - if I have not actually the time, I am often too weary, or not in the mood, so while I shall write as often as possible to you all at home, other letters must wait.

In answer to your question I shall be going a little way behind the line in billets again in a fortnight, all being well.

Give my love to Dad and the boys

Heaps of love and xxxxx

from your very affectionate


Latest. All quiet in the sector - weather favours our aerial activity.