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Date: August 6th 1918

No. 95
Tuesday morning, 6th Aug. 1918
M---, Somme, France

My dear mother,

The letter that you wrote me last Monday week - 29th July, 1918 - arrived yesterday at dinner time; it took a week to come, which is rather a long while.

It seems rather strange that Auntie Edith has cheques for ten pounds to give away; I suppose it is in return for all you have done for her. How long is she staying at "117"? If this letter arrives in time give her my very best wishes and thank her for remembering me.

I had a letter from Mirrie yesterday and she said that Mrs and Leslie Elrick would be unable to come on Thursday. Walter Elrick seems to be having a good time.

It is a great pity that you can't fix up Stanley on a farm this summer; he could do with a change. I guess he was disappointed at not being able to go up the river as he hoped to do. I am glad to think he is staying at school for some time longer, although I don't doubt he wants to start "business" on his own account.

It was very rainy yesterday, but between the showers I was training on the parade area as usual. B Coy was on duty and I was detailed for Head Quarter Guard. After writing a letter in the afternoon I had to spend the remainder of the time cleaning up ready for the "posh" parade and inspection at 7pm. This went off quite well

I was first on Sentry last night from 7-9pm and again from 1-3am today. It was not exactly the nicest sort of night for a sentry-go, but it was fairly warm and as I stood under a tree I was sheltered from the rain. Two hours seems rather a long while in the quiet and darkness, but I usually think about everything under the sun and so pass the time. This morning I pictured myself coming home on leave, and the likely happenings; the thought that one day I should live all these things gave me pleasure. You can, perhaps, guess how jolly it is to think of the surprise I shall give everyone when I unexpectedly turn up.

I don't think there is any more news at present. I am on duty until 7pm this evening and as I have only two more hour's sentry to do I have plenty of opportunity for resting. I shall not have this opportunity again for a time.

Goodbye for a little while, With heaps of love and xxxxxx from your most affectionate son, Dinkeydoo