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Date: August 10th 1918

A cornfield
Saturday, August 10th, 1918
Somewhere in France
Letter No 100

My dear old dad,

It is just such an evening as yesterday, but the wind has died down almost entirely. The weather seems to have made a turn for the better for it has been bright sunshine nearly all day.

Apart from a rifle inspection this morning I have had little or nothing to do, so spent the time resting. Best of all I have met Colin again and you can guess how jolly pleased we were to get together again and tell each other the news. Stu seems to have had a fairly quiet time in the line while I have been at the "Wing", but plenty of work to do and very little sleep. He had his first wash for four days today! There appears to have been a little more excitement as the Boche seems to be retiring. Of course I can't give any details that might make this letter interesting but they must be left for the time to come when I shall be able to make all mysteries clear! I have changed my billet but am in a very comfortable one at present. Well this is all the news at present - except perhaps to say that as far as I can see everything is very quiet.

I was very pleased to get the letter you wrote last Sunday and thank you very much for it. Yes, the news is much brighter and the "official" at HQ tonight is splendid. You will hear the news in the paper tomorrow I expect.

I am sure I appreciate the fact that your thoughts are always with me and it brings infinite comfort when at time I feel so far from home. But that is not very often and as you know, cheerfulness is the main thing with me out here.

Stuart's platoon is being split up and he is going to try his hardest to get in No 7 with me. Won't it be fine if he succeeds? I can tell you that it makes all the difference when we are together.

Give my love to mother and the boys. I hope you all keep quite well.


All good wishes, from your loving son,