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Date: August 11th 1918
Dinkey (Bert)

Sunday afternoon,
11 Aug. 1918
The same place
Somewhere in France
My dearest mother,

I was delighted with the letter you wrote to me last Sunday and thank you ever so much indeed for it. You must have had a quiet week with Cyril and Walter away - but I am forgetting you have cousin Edith. I am sure I would not wish to have sent me a parcel in view of the fact that you have been so very busy; but that should not give you any cause for unhappiness for I have been doing quite well for grub lately. However, Stanley tells me that a parcel was posted last Thursday and will probably arrive on Tuesday or Wednesday. Yes, that was a nice note from Mrs. Stuart; Colin himself thanked me for asking you to send it to his home. By the way, I have got some jolly "posh" news for you - Stuart is now in 7 platoon with me and "wonder of wonders" on the same gun team! Mr. King, our platoon officer, managed to get him back. He is a good sport and I like him very much. I don't know whether "Stu" is in this platoon permanently now, but you can bet that we are going to try and make it so. I have now received the Quadrant Magazine and find it very interesting as usual. I am not surprised to find Miss Pitcher married so soon. I hope she finds married bliss as its always pictured before the event but "I ha' ma doots". I am afraid that they want me badly as assistant organist at the Quadrant! Well, wait until I have finished with the Boche and then I will give them a turn. Do you know that I have not played any musical instrument since I left home? I never get a chance out here.

I have had a good day again today, nothing in particular to do. There was no service for Non-conformists this morning but instead after rifle inspection we had a lecture on machine guns. This afternoon I wrote Mr. Waller as usual, and also one or two other notes. I am sending the Green Envelope direct home this time (and not to Base Censor as before ) for quickness and would be glad if you would kindly post the enclosed letters for me. Charlie Soutter is at Southend; perhaps one of the boys could stroll round to 42 Avencell Road in the evening and get his address. There is practically sure to be someone there during Surgery hours.

It has been a beautiful day today again and we are all very glad.

Monday morning 12th

Last evening I moved from my last resting place and am now in the village of B---, behind the lines, a mile or so south of W---. I shall be writing again today with fuller news. I have safely received the "bon" parcel you sent on the 7th. My word! You have sent me some ripping things; but really I wish you wouldn't, because I am sure you have to go short to send me them. Thank you ever so much indeed.

I am quite well and trust that you are all well too.

Give my best love to Dad, the boys, Grandma and Cookey,

With fondest love and heaps of xxxxx

from old Dinkey doo