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Date: August 14th 1918

Somewhere, the sun is shining, France!
Wednesday 14/8/18 Eve
My dearest mother,

For a few days "short and frequent" must be my aim in writing to you. You will of course ask "why this change"; well, because having been shifted from the village in which I wrote my last letter I have not the opportunity. I received your very interesting letter written last Thursday and needless to say I was very pleased with it and thank you for your constant labours in writing me so often. Of course, my dear, I can understand that you can't be really happy while I am away, yet, try and think that in very truth I am with you - as I am always in thought. You seem to have been very busy; I hope you won't pass over my remarks in this last letter. I should like to see baby Harry - he must be a fine boy. I have not the faintest idea when the Divn will be on rest again - probably soon I should think. But really its cheering to know that at the end of this month, by virtue of the new ACI concerning boys under nineteen, I shall be sure of two months rest which I shall appreciate.

Your parcel was a real "spanker" - the jam was lovely; but wish you had kept it in view of the shortage at home. The turnovers were "extra" - finished the last two today. I am holding the chocolate as an iron ration; it is awfully handy as a "special reserve"!

It is quite a good idea of yours to keep suitable Daily Chronicle maps, but I am afraid they are not very accurate. When I put my address as "M---, (censored)" I think I may say that it was at neither of the places you mention; as a matter of fact, it is a long way away from them.

I am glad the weather's been fine; it makes all the difference.

I don't think there is any more news I can give - except that it is pretty quiet up the line and that I have not had much to do today. Oh! While I think of it, you might tell "Squibby" that the answer to his algebra problem is "2"; this is probably correct.

Now I must say au revoir, for a little while.

May God bless you all.

My fondest love and xxxxxxx

Your devoted son,