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Date: August 15th 1918
Dinkey (Albert)

Letter No 105
BEF, France
Thursday afternoon.
15 Aug. 1918
My dearest mother,

I intended to write to Dad today, but I have received your letter dated Friday 9th inst. And feel I must reply. I was not in the push you refer to although you felt so sure that I was. Really, if you worry like this I shall consider whether it would not be better if I gave no news concerning my doings; then my letters would be as dry as dust. Dear, dear! You do get the "wind up"; I must be even more careful in the way I pick and choose my phrases. I do believe you would manage to make good news into bad. Why, you are getting as bad as Grandma Willmott. But you clearly see the hopeful side - go on trusting that I shall be safe. The wrench from home has been equally great for me as for you, but the experience I am gaining will make this adventure well worth while - it does not tell on you too much. I would like to feel that you had placed the load of your cares on His shoulders in complete surrender to His Divine will. I know that all will be well - can't you share my views? Let us rejoice together that so far I have been well; indeed we have much to be thankful for and there's oceans of hope for the future; so cheer up! And when I come back I want to find you as well as you were when I left.

I had such a fine letter from Mr. Waller this morning and enjoy reading his cheering and helpful thoughts.

I have reason to doubt whether Dad received letter No 102; please let me know. I intend to answer Dad's last letter (already ackd.) tomorrow.

I am very "comfy" at present, but of course you would not believe me until you saw where I was! I had such a top hole dinner today - cooked by myself - consisting of fried bacon, tomatoes, roast bully beef, potatoes, cabbage, beans and rice pudding. It smelt glorious in the frying pan and tasted "a treat".

I had a good night's rest last night and this morning after breakfast did a bit of digging. Now I am going to take the afternoon easy. That God will give you complete happiness and assurance in His having Grace is the constant prayer of your loving son,

Dinkey xxxxxxxxxxx