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Date: August 19th 1918

Letter No 108.
Monday 19th Aug. 1918
My dear dad,

I hoped to write you yesterday but as I was sleeping nearly all day I did not have the opportunity. I was pleased to read the news in your last letter (11th inst.). You weren't far wrong when you told mother I was in reserve trenches; it is not often I am sent farther up so you can derive some comfort from that fact. I am wondering what the authorities intend to do with under age boys pending their coming of age. No doubt they will have to do work behind the lines in place of some older ones; there is plenty to be done there.

I shall appreciate your epitomes of Dr. C. Morgan's sermons at the Quadrant. As you observe he drives home his message in a striking manner emphasizing poignant truths and lucidly explaining difficult problems. I missed the usual Sunday services yesterday; no distinction is made between Sundays and weekdays in the line of course. If anything "Jerry" seems to take a malicious delight in being particularly aggressive and more active on the Sabbath, or so it seems.

Stuart has been with me all the time and we find great comfort and strength in each other's company. It is blessing that we have been so fortunate as to both get together again in the same platoon.

Thank mother for the letter she wrote last Monday; I am writing her tomorrow.

The parcel containing apples, cake, toffee, filament (intact) and cetera has safely arrived this morning. Thank you ever so much indeed - it will be greatly appreciated.

I noticed that you have considered it advisable to let Ma know I was in the trenches and take this as meaning that, unless I particularly decide to do so, I need not hesitate to say I am "up". I am quite safe and well - for which we may be truly thankful.


Much love and affection from