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Date: August 20th 1918
Dinkey (Bert)

Letter No. 109
BEF, France
Tuesday. 20 Aug. 1918
My dearest mother,

You have been a most diligent correspondent these last few days; I have three letters from you to answer dated 12th and two on the 14th inst. I am more than pleased to find you so cheery; at last I can see that my advice is being taken and I feel as happy again. What is the good of being down hearted? Surely there is enough sadness around without adding to it by being "dumpy". Of course at time the weight of cares bears heavily on my shoulders, but then there is so much to make me dismiss them and be happy. There are your letters and dad's and all the other kind folks' who continually write me; then I am with old "Stu" for good now and that is half the battle; but above all this there is the Unseen Hand guiding and guarding ceaselessly; what more could I desire?

I certainly do not see where the "glory of war" comes in except it be the wonderful courage and endurance our boys are daily manifesting. I can tell you that we have all good reason to be more than sick of this war and we long for the time when it can be forgotten and buried in the past.

You inquire after Cyril Cansick No! Unfortunately he is not in our company now, but I believe that he is quite happy. The few old boys that joined up with us are gradually being separated.

That was a lovely parcel you sent me and we had some of the fruit!!! Cake for tea. Why, it was just like one of the pre-war "excellents".

I hope "the gunner" gets his "posh" job and sticks to it. I had a letter from Uncle Geo yesterday enclosing a "buckshee" Green Envelope and some field cards. I am hoping that by the time you get this he will be in Blighty.

I liked the apples very much; they seemed to have got a good size quickly for it is early in the apple season.

Do you mean that Lister Soutter was severely wounded last Sunday? You put Luie. At any rate I hope he comes through safely, he is doing his bit and now may he have jolly good luck.

I can not understand why my post has been delayed - it is most inopportune; I have written every day since leaving W---. However I hope the sequence has not been broken again.

Thank old Squibbs for his nice letter; I am glad he is enjoying his holidays.

I am having a pretty comfortable time - plenty of grub, a little work and plenty of rest.

Today I am going right back again, it may be trenches or it may be in billets; in any case I shall be OK.

The weather is not quite as fine today. The sky is overcast, but it has not rained yet.

I think this is all the news.

Give my love to dad and the boys.

Keep cheery! My end is well up!!

Loving wishes and heaps of xxxxxx

from your affectionate son,