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Date: August 21st 1918
Dinkey (Bert)

BEF, France
21 Aug. 1918. Wedy:
Letter No 110

My dearest mother,

I did not have the opportunity of posting the letter I wrote yesterday so that these two will arrive together. At present I am in a very comfortable trench about five miles from the front line, so of course I am as "safe as houses". I am only here for a few hours tho' as I am going a good way farther back to a little village where I intend to have a good rest.

I have just got the letter you wrote last Friday Eve and was glad to hear of you receiving some more letters from me.

I expect you found Arthur Willmott's place quite a nice one replete with every modern convenience. Auntie Edie does not like the idea of going back to Darlington much; she seems to have enjoyed her stay at "117". I must just drop her a line when I get the chance; her letters have been quite interesting.

Provided Lester recovers successfully from his severe wound ( which I should think there is every chance of him doing) he will be well off. He has done with this war and did you but know it, I am sure he would think the loss of a leg not too high a price to pay for getting out of this business alive. At any rate I know what my feelings about it are.

It is a shame that fruit is so dear - I don't know how you manage to make a variety.

I am feeling quite fit and well as I hope all at home are.

Tomorrow I am writing with more detail concerning my recent experiences up the line - I could write a book.

For the present this short note must suffice to let you know that I am "alive and kicking".

Cheerio! Heaps of love and xxxxxx

from old Dinkey

PS Frightfully hard up for envelopes and short of paper. Shall have to go on the "scrounge".