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Date: December 12th 1911


Dec 12th, 1911

Dear Father:

Rather late in getting started with my letter this week. Sunday was rather an off day with me. Nothing wrong but just felt like taking it easy. Miss Rea and I were at church in the morning. In the afternoon I was out for a little run and in the evening I was too sleepy to do anything.

Was glad to have such a fine large letter from home last week. It is real good to hear that everything is progressing so favorably.

You spoke about me telling you about business & etc. Well, I thought you knew all there was to know.

I give Aunt Jean $5.00 a week for board, room and washing. The rent is $38.33 per month and girl $8.25 per month. I am trying to get Dr St John to take over the girl altogether. Then Dr Midal will have to get one and I will be out of it. That will suit me fine as I can get along very well without a girl for some time yet. And I can use the cash to good advantage.
The lease is good 'till a year from next March. Then we will have to renew from Enderton, the boss and owner. I expect it will be raised a little then as all the others in the building are paying more. By taking it from Dr St John we get it about $5.00 cheaper. He takes the whole thing and sub-lets to Midal & I.

The rents here are something fierce. For an office the size of mine, just my own, you would pay in the Somerset Block, just the other side of Eatons, 65.00 per month and there is no comparison as to light and location. My light is all I can desire.

You remember the shoe store under us in this block. It is about as wide as Bob Hanna's and 3 times as long. They pay $350.00 per month. The other stores in the block pay $300.00.

I have some very strenuous bills to meet. In the first place my dental bill came to $555.00. That was for outfit alone. Since then I have had about $50.00 worth of supplies. Then Eaton's $40.00 Plumber 30.00 Electrician 15.00 Carpenter 21.00 and lots of other smaller things such as drugs and etc. In Nov I was able to pay running expenses O.K. but don't think I will in December. It is very quiet in our line just now. However I am looking for January to be quite a large month so what's the difference[?].

I am as careful as I can be about living expenses and personal wants but I must have large office equipment & etc. I am not worrying about my financial condition and don't want you to so it is bound to come out O.K. as long as I don't squander. Dr St John is always willing to back me in anything I go into and has been very kind to me. At present I don't owe him a red cent and have my rent paid up 'till Jan 1st 1912.

You know it is just a matter of time until my practice will grow sufficiently to cover all outlays and probably give me a little margin. Altogether I am enjoying the experience and I am glad I will have to work to get out of debt. So far I have had things a little to [sic] easy for me, sort of prepared food, so this will be a little change.

I had quite a time last week with my boil. It was quite sore and has lasted about 2 weeks. However it [is] just about all over now.

John Rea seems to improve greatly these days. His swelling is all down and he was able to sit up the other day for a few minutes. I was over to see him Monday.

Aunt Jean's finger is just about all O.K. now. She fusses around so that you would never know she had a finger.

I have been fine ever since I came out. I am almost afraid to say I have no cold for fear I shall get one. Nearly everybody has had it out here. I had a boil instead.

Had Dr Trick in the office yesterday. He says he has not heard from the Whites for some time, but says that last time he heard everything was O.K.
It is very kind of Mother to make me those rags. My bracket is 13" x 13" when finished. Now as to head rest:

[diagram in letter]

As per diagraph [sic]. The figures 1,2,3,4 represent large eyes, for hooks and eyes, sowed [sic] on to the cloth, It is a new scheme which I want to try. The rest of it is an elastic band thus:

[diagram in letter]

Plain black elastic like you put on kid's hats to go under chin.

Please remember me very kindly to Elizabeth and the Giles'. Also Aunt Lizzie and tell her I got Ernie's card. So glad you are doing so well with pianos. You certainly must be bustling.

By the way, you could make you[r] [sic] expenses by coming out next summer and buying real estate. Its [a] good thing out here. Wish I could go in on it, but will have to wait for some time yet.

Lots of love to mother, Alf and yourself.

Your loving son

P. S. That was a rotten election in Ontario. W H G