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Date: February 23rd 1913

Feb 23rd 1913

Dear Father

So sorry to hear that you have been on the sick list. You have had quite a time of it have you not? By this time I hope you are all O.K. again. You can afford to take it easy for a few weeks and then when Spring comes and the fine weather you will feel like business again.

This has been a dandy winter. Today has been just fine. Bright and very cold but fine for walking.

Lottie and I went out to church this morning. Mr McTavish is very good indeed. He will never set the world on fire but he is very much in earnest.
This afternoon I was out for quite a long walk, but I have to be careful on account of my ears. You see I have had them frozen three times this winter and they are very tender. I have to keep my collar up if it is at all cold.

Uncle Bert and Ruth went out for a walk this afternoon. They did not turn up at tea time so Mrs Milner phoned up just before we sat down to say that she was keeping them over there. The kiddies are both fine now. Ruth is especially fine. She is getting so big and fat. Ab [?] is a very poor eater but does well with what he takes. He is getting to be such a boy. Has a voice on him like a fog horn. He is as bad as I used to be. Yells like the mischief.

Aunt Jean is getting along splendidly in California. From the snaps which we are continually receiving she looks just fine. The St Johns are living in a bungalow just about 3 blocks from the Gilroys. It is nice for Auntie to be able to run over and see Mrs St John and Lorne once in awhile. She gets homesick sometimes.

Well it is not long now 'till Easter. Just about four weeks. Uncle Bert is leaving immediately after Easter for California. He will be away about 5 weeks and will bring Aunt Jean home with him. It will be a nice trip for him and he needs the change as he has worked hard all winter. Mr Gilroy was only home from California part of one day until he left for the east. So you see that Uncle Bert has been alone ever since Xmas.

Business this month has been pretty good. Not quite as good as January but this is a shorter month. Next month will be a good one again.

How is Aunt Lizzie keeping? She is always on hand when anyone is sick or when any assistance is wanted. Give her my best next time you see her, if you please.

It's a long time to make any plans but I hope to take my holiday about [the] middle of August. I would like to be away from [the] office for about three weeks or possibly a month at [the] outside. Of course I don't know whether I can afford to be away that long or not but if I can it will be fine.

The plans for the new house on the farm are almost completed. As soon as the weather opens up the work will be commenced. I think they intend moving out some time around June 1st. The farm is about 12 acres, is on the river and is about 20 miles from [the] city. It will be a nice run in the auto every morning and evening. Only drawback will be getting up about an hour earlier in the morning. The roads are beautiful out that way as it was one or our favorite runs. It is just beyond the locks (St Andrews locks). By the end of the summer we will all be a bunch of farmers. Next time I write it will be to Alf as I owe him a letter.

Will be glad to hear from you Father and know that you are alright again. You can afford to take things a little easier now, especially in the winter time when it is so miserable. Glad Mother has got relief from that nasty head trouble. Hope the Dr has it under control for good.
Lots of love for Mother, Alf and yourself.

Your loving son

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