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Date: February 1st 1914
Mother and Father

Feb 1st 1914

Dear Father & Mother

Uncle Bert arrived on time this a.m. I was down to meet him at 7:40, Mr Gilroy was also down that was all. I guess it was a bit too early for the bunch.

So far Uncle Bert has not talked very much. He will tell us more later on perhaps. But what he did say was very nice. He said that Grandma passed away very quietly and peacefully and that it was just the way she wanted to. I am so glad. He also said that she looked very beautiful as she lay in her coffin. Of course she could not look otherwise and still look natural. Just like one asleep, he said. I am glad of that too.

I know that I do not realize the full extent of our loss. It will take time to bring out all her qualities but I think that as time goes on we will each day find out more of her lovely disposition and her great kindness and thoughtfulness for us all. She certainly is an example for us all and every recollection I shall ever have of her will be for good. Always good.

I did not write before because I wanted to learn a little more about the last. When you feel able and have time I would like and much appreciate if you would write me all about it. How I wish I had stayed but of course I did not know.

Ruth and Alfred both have colds. Alfred is up today for the first time in three or four days. He wanted to be up the day his daddy got home. Ruth is around all the time but her cough is nasty.

Uncle Bert said that you all had decided that I was to have the large photos of Grandpa and Grandma. I shall appreciate them very much and will always take good care of them. He also mentioned the secretary in the dining-room. That is also very nice and much appreciated. Kindly leave it where it is until such time as I can use it.

Uncle Bert also mentioned that you thought of selling out in Mt. Forest and going down to 61 Henry St to live. It's not for me to make any suggestions but I hope you won't. As far as I am concerned I would rather call Mt. Forest home for a good many reasons. If that were impossible then I would like to have a nice little home further out where we could at least have a garden and some space. High Park way, also the North end, are ideal and would be much better for all concerned. I am sure Emily and Alf will agree with me. If for no other reason than for Emily's sake, which is a lot in my mind, I would suggest the latter way. I hope you will not decide hastily.

I hope Emily is thru with her exams by this time. I have often sympathized [sic] with her having to write exams under such adverse conditions. It is like I did when Grandpa died only she has more of it than I had. I trust she comes out all O.K.

I am glad you had Miss Marshall with you at the last. She was very bright and very willing, and I know she did all that was in her power.
I am going to close now and hope I will hear from you soon with all the particulars as I don't think Uncle Bert will say very much.

Lots of love for all

Your loving son

P. S. Alfred is delighted with music box and has played it all his spare time today. WHG

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