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Date: February 22nd 1914

Feb 22nd 1914

Dear Mother,

This is another of those fine days. Bright and clear and cold. While it is about 20-25_ below yet it is quite pleasant.

Uncle Bert and I were out to church this morning. Lottie did not go as she had to help look after the kiddie.

Ruth is holding her own with the whoops and does not cough as hard as she did. She is eating so well that it has not pulled her down at all. From outward appearances she looks O.K. But I think Alfred is not going to escape. He is developing quite a cough. I hope he will be able to stand it as well as Ruth.

Poor Aunt Jean hasn't been at all well. She is over the worst of it now, but I think she is very discouraged. Her cough is not altogether well yet, although it is a lot better. She was downstairs to her supper last night for the first time since she was sick. We will all be glad when [the] weather gets warmer and she can get out to the farm again. And I hope you people will be able to pay us a visit at the farm this year.

I am glad you wrote and told me so much about Grandma. That was what I wanted to know. Had I only known I should have stayed in Toronto but of course I did not. However it is alright.

We were just talking about it at the house the other day. All agreed that Toronto had few charms now. Merely a passing-through place, that is all, while before it was like a home for all.

We all realize that these are very hard times for you Mother. But try and keep up and plan for a nice trip this summer. You know how much we would all like to have you out here with us this summer. It would be a fine change.

Am glad that Elizabeth is with you and that she is so contented. Give her my best regards. And I am sure Miss Marshall was good to you all. If you ever happen to write to her please give her my best regards. She was awfully hard on the tea-pot though, wasn't she?

I can't think of anything to write today as I have a miserable headache, which is quite new for me. I guess I slept too much last night and then I had a little doze this afternoon before coming down to [the] office. If I think of anything during the week which I had intended writing, I will drop you a line. I am going to write to Emily tonight so will do that after I have had my walk.

Write often and let me know how you are getting along. Would like to hear from Alf. Does he owe me a letter?

Loving son

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