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Date: March 1914

96 Furley St. Wpg

Sunday PM [?]

Dear Mother,

Today has been a dandy. The sun was beautifully bright and it was fine for a walk. I was out for a good long one this afternoon. As soon as the sun went down the temperature did too. According to the papers we are in for a cold spell for about two weeks, but this is about a good a time as any to get it.

We were all out to church this morning. Mr Whiting preached. He was just as good as usual. They say the contributions have increased from 40-60% since he came. That [a] is pretty good showing in spite of the hard times or so-called hard times at least.

Tonight we are all home. I like to do my writing Sunday evening, that is what I do. I will send Fred an Easter card this week. I hope Em will go down for Easter. It will be a nice little holiday for her.

What are you going to so this summer, Mother? Couldn't you come out with Em? I don't know what I will do. If you people come out here to visit I won't go East. So if you don't want me to come down you had better come out. Perhaps we could coax Father to come too. And according to schedule Alf's time will soon be around for a trip to the prairies. I guess he will be going to Toronto in the fall anyway. I hope he goes to Victoria.

We hear every other day from Aunt Jean. They are all pretty good. Auntie was down to San Diego to the Fair last week. We had a wire that she had returned O.K. but have not had time for a letter as yet. A bunch of them went down together. About 6 cars of them I think. Mr Gilroy is about the same. No improvement of any account. Mr J. C. Eaton was down the other day to call on him and I think it upset him somewhat. He is very easily excited. Mr Wilson is down there now. He and Mrs Wilson went down as soon as Uncle Bert got home. They are staying right at Pasadena, where Mr Gilroy is.

As soon as the weather clears up a little we will be getting busy again at the ranges. I am on the rifle committee and being the senior officer on committee I am supposed to be chairman. But the next man to me is a very enthusiastic chap and says he will be pleased to act as chairman in my place. However I shall have to be at the ranges quite a lot to do what I can. Shooting is the main thing now it appears, and the 90th are the crack shots of the West so we have some work to do to keep it up. The ranges are about 7 or 8 miles from the office but the street car service is not too good. Have to transfer to [a] spur line and it takes so much time. It always takes me about � to 1 hour to go out, while in a car you can make it in from 20 to 30 minutes or less. If I don't take a trip this summer I think I will try to get some kind of a Ford, as I simply have to be at ranges a lot, that is if I do not go, which seems improbable just now, and the least I can do is drill all I can here. Colonel Blanchard says we might possibly go in June as a unit but he thinks the prospects are very slight.

I think I will have a fairly good month this month. That is providing I get paid for some of my work. I had a couple of notes fall due this month, but as I expected there were no funds forthcoming, and my lawyer says the chances of getting anything just now are slight, so I guess I will have to wait like a lot of others are doing. Well I guess I can afford to as well as the majority of them.

Have not heard from Miss Gilroy since she went thru. I think her father must be better or Firenza would have written me. Hope you will all have a very pleasant Easter and that the weather will be fine. Lots of love for all and big [?] for your own dear self.

Loving son