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Date: March 15th 1914
Mother and Father

March 15th 1914

Dear Father and Mother,

This has been one glorious Sunday. Clear and bright for most part, but a little rain toward evening.

This morning Auntie called me to go to church with her, but she didn't call loud enough and as a result I slept 'till nearly noon.

This afternoon I went down and brought up the big car, then we all went out for a lovely run. It was glorious. The roads are fairly good but the car was quite splashed when we got home.

Ruth is almost all right again. Only an occasional cough. And Alfred is so much better. It is such a relief to have them around again. Poor kid, it took him down a lot. He is not as strong as Ruth and can't stand the coughing as well. Ruth looks fine, just like a picture. Her appetite has been grand all winter.

Had a letter from Emily last week. She said she was going to stay with Bessie for a week. That will be a nice little change for her. The time is getting short now and she wants to keep busy to keep her spirits up. The exams will soon be on I guess.

I intended getting cards for 17th but it is too late now. Had one from Fred Wm. yesterday. He is a great boy, isn't he?

Do you remember Rev. Hill who used to be at Broadway? He has a son out here who is working in General Electric offices. He came up to see me some time ago and I am doing some work for him now. Gordon Noellner [?] is working in [the] same place. I also did some work for him some time ago.
I see Charlie Morgan is back in Wpg again. I don't think he is quite as goody good as he might be. He used to come up to see me once in a while but he hasn't been up since he got back.

Say, Father, I put some insurance on my furniture & etc. Not much but some. My policy is for $1125.00. Valuated it at $1500.00 75% of that. Rate is 1.17% I think. Is that about right[?]. Anyway my premium is $17.92 per year.

I am going to try to write to Em tonight so will close this. Have nothing new to tell you as I have not heard from you since I wrote last.
Lots of love for your two selves and for Alf.

Your loving son

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