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Date: September 19th 1914

Sept 19/14

Dear Alf.

Mother's card has just arrived. Thought I would wait until I heard from someone before writing.

It is just 8:30 A.M. now so I am down a little earlier than usual. James, [the] new driver, took the direct route this A.M. so as a result I am out of a job for a little while.

It is really very funny weather. Sometimes we have wind and it gets very cold. Then it turns quite warm. Last night at 8 P.M. it was up to 71_. One never knows what to expect.

We are all living in town now. Family moved in last Wednesday. Uncle Bert went on Tuesday evening to bring them in. They started out about 10:30 A.M. in [the] car and did not get home until about 3:30 P.M. Roads were bad and had car trouble. The ladies and children had to get out and walk over to the electric car line, but Uncle Bert stuck to the car and Alf went out and fixed the car up.

James is going out to the farm this morning. The bunch are going with him. Mrs Trick just called me up and said she was going with them. They will have a lonely ride.

Had a long letter from Ethel Trick McCullough the other day. She is not the least bit contented in Vancouver. She says "I was born on the prairies and I love the prairies. I hate the mountains and the ocean. The mountains are too high and the ocean stinks of fish". Some speech for a bride, eh?
Her Mother Mrs Trick had quite a serious fall some time ago, but she has almost completely recovered from the effects of it. A little stiffness in the neck yet. Ethel does not mention McCullough at all. I don't know whether he is doing anything yet or not.

The war news is a little brighter, isn't it? We are working hard to be ready when the call comes if it does. We sent away 850 men from [the] 90th and they say they are the best trained men in camp. That is, their shooting is good. We have 600 more ready now and are working two nights a week and shooting every day at the ranges. Our companies at Quebec are now 160 strong. Captain Brown of 'D' Co. has been appointed Musketry Instructor and has given me the Co. for the time being. I am having some good experience and the work is heavy but I enjoy it. I am trying to get my company up to 100. When the first bunch left we had the strongest company in the strongest regiment in Winnipeg.

I have had some strenuous times since I got back. I had to get my things in shape to go at short notice if necessary. My office was the worst thing. However, my landlord was very decent about it. He said "Well, Dr I am sorry if you have to go but if you do we will look after you[r] office for you. You will not have to pay rent and when you come back, one, two or three years from now, your office will be ready and waiting for you". That was decent of him, wasn't it?

So sorry to hear of your boils, Alf. Really, I thought they were all better long ago. You certainly are having a fierce time of it. Accept my sympathy.

Had an announcement of Jen Brethours [?] wedding the other day. I do not know the chap at all but B. E. B. [?] does and says he is a good scout. And he is fairly well fixed too. Worth about 50-75 thousand so Jen will be well looked after. In fact B. E. [?] thinks Jen is getting a little the better of the deal. But this is gossip so lets cut it out.

My wash lady has just arrived so I will let her take charge now and go and mail this. Lots of love for Father, Mother, Em and self.

Your affectionate bro

P. S. Am in the pink of condition WHG

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