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Date: May 15th 1915

May 15 1915

Dear Mother.

So far, so good, and I guess we have hit the end of the rails, as far as we are concerned at least. From where I sit now I can see the Carpathia, the boat on which we are to sail. It is not a bad looking old boat from here, but I haven't been out yet to look it over.

Have been on the go ever since I left Toronto. Made the trip to Montreal 0.K. Met Col. Ketchen and party at the Windsor this AM. Came down from Montreal with them at 1:30 to-day, and arrived at 7:30 PM. Had a bath and a fine dinner and am feeling fine now.

This is a queer old town. Really I don't know what to think of it. While it is odd and different in every way to anything I have ever been used to, yet I don't imagine I would like to stay here very long. The streets are very, very narrow and are rough, all cobblestones. The streetcars are very small, and how they make the steep grades, I don't know. And the poor horses must all be over on the knees. I was walking up the street a few minutes ago, and I heard the streetcar making a big noise about something. I did not pay any attention to it but just walked along swinging my cane. Well they were ringing for me to get out of the way. You see I was walking along the outside edge of the sidewalk and as long as I swung my cane they could not pass. I would not want to be drunk and on the streets of this town.

But the view from the walk outside the Chateau is wonderful. The hotel is built away up on the heights, on the Plains of Abraham, I imagine. From the walk one can look for miles up and down the river. The sight is grand. Point Levis is just across the river and it all looks very historic and wonderful.

Tomorrow morning I am going out in the boat and get my quarters fixed up. The men have not arrived yet but are expected to come in late tonight or early in the morning. I can't say for sure when we will sail, but I imagine it will be in a day or two.

The weather has been fine and I have enjoyed it all. I have met several nice people, and everyone is good to the soldiers. There are quite a bunch of Winnipeg people at this hotel. No matter where one goes, one sees some person you either know or know of. Today I met Mr E. D. Martin of Wpg., also a son of Mr R. T. Riley of Great West Wpg., besides lots of other nice people.

I wish I had a greatcoat but I guess I won't be able to get one until I get across the water. I will wear my sweater under my jacket and raincoat and trust to luck. I have not been cold so far but I imagine it will be on the boat. I am going out now and take a look over the river and get some fresh air before I retire. Lots of love for all the family and don't forget yourself.

Loving son

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