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Date: September 10th 1915

Hotel Metropole

Sept 10 1915

My Dear Mother,

I have had a very busy day of it and am tired out. In about 20 minutes I shall leave for the train, then I have a six mile ride, and later a two mile walk. When I think of it I wish I were home and in my little bed.
As I was saying I have had a tiresome day. I had hoped to have been thru with the mess before this but no one would take it over, so it was up to me to see things through. I have been running around all day, paying accounts, and doing my best to leave a clean sheet behind me. I know I shall forget someone but hope to get the majority of them.

The cashier at the bank is a very nice chap. He has been very kind to me ever since I came over, and in one way or another we have had quite a lot of business together. He has invited me over to his house a number of times. In fact, I am due there tomorrow evening for dinner. He is an Irishman and both he and his wife are the emblem of hospitality and kindness. Every time I go near them they want to do something for me or give me something. Today he gave me a pocket flashlight and a bill folder, just for a little souvenir as he calls it. They are really kind-hearted people. His name is Annesley H. Reade. I was afraid it would be something like Annesley from the look of him but he is a fine sport alright. So is his wife Mary, you know.

Oh, yes, we are leaving on Monday, I think Sept 13 and from Folkestone. I hope to be able to cable you when we leave. The Zeps are very active about here. We have had them about camp a lot lately but they have never hit us yet. They got London quite badly night before last. I hope I see one before long. They must be interesting things to meet.

Must run now and catch my train. I am feeling just fine, only tired.

Lots of love

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