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Date: September 29th 1915

Sept 29 1915

Dear Father,

Since I last wrote we have had another change. This time it is decidedly for the better. My only hope is that it will last for some time.

You see it was this way. Our equipment left England about 10 days before we did. Then, since arriving we had never been able to locate it. So we both started out, Garfat and myself to look for the goods. Finally, after quite a long walk, which took us thru two small towns, we located the required. The next thing was to find a place to use them. Our own billet afforded us very little opportunity for good work. So we went to the Brigadier and told him our troubles and asked if we might open up an office in town. As usual he was quite agreeable to anything we might suggest, so he gave us permission to go to town and hire any office we wished, also rooms for ourselves and charge same to army. So this morning we both started out and took the Belgian interpreter with us. Finally after much harangue we succeeded in securing a lovely bright down-stairs room on the main street. It is beautifully clean and the people are very friendly, and above all other things CLEAN. We also made arrangements that our two orderlies should sleep in that room too.

Then we started out for a room for ourselves. After another long walk, we secured a bright clean double room in the house of the priest of the parish. It is quite the nicest place we have struck so far, in Belgium. The house itself is a large, three storey, red brick, and has a beautiful flower garden in front, gravel walks leading up to it, and a fine vegetable garden in rear. Our room is on the ground floor and is connected with the Abbey's study by folding doors. It has a lovely bay window, all three of which open, and another large window besides. The large mantle fireplace is covered with the holy images and candle sticks. I have a single spring bed, and above all things you could imagine a pillow, also a pillow slip. I gave the old Abb� a cigar today and he immediately ordered the housekeeper to bring down a pillow. Another cigar produced a white slip and I think if I had had a box of cigars with me could have had the house. But, alas, I had exhausted my supply. So, by the way, if a hint is any good, please send me over some cigars and please register them.
But, coming down to earth, our room also has electric lights, three of them all in a cluster and hanging from the ceiling. I think we would call it at home a chandelier. Turning on a button is easier than lighting a candle, only it is a awkward until one gets used to it. So now, you see, I am absolutely happy again. I have forgiven all my Belgian peasant friends all their dirty habits and am quite happy to fight for them until the war is over but I am afraid I shall wake up and find it is only a dream, and that I am back on the ground, with the water oozing up under the blankets. However I am going to my real bed now, open my real window, and turn out my real lights, and am sure of a good sound sleep.

Good night to all, with lots of love, and don't worry at all about me as I will be O.K. Did you receive my cable?

Loving son,

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