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Date: November 21st 1915

21 Nov 1915

Dear Em.

I only have about two sheets left, so I will write them to you in hopes that I can get some more tomorrow. This has been quite a cold day, but very nice. After I finished my work today, which wasn't before four o'clock, I walked over to [deleted] and back, about six miles in all. I just landed in time for tea, quite a good tea, lamb chops, potatoes, preserved pears, jam, toast with creamed cheese, and tea. If we always have as good we will be OK, won't we? Today I had some very distinguished callers, in person of Sgt Frank Murphy, Corporal Bert Scott, and private Harry Gardiner. Douglas Smith was to have come in too, according to deep?laid plans, but that part of it failed to materialize. However I was glad to see the boys, they are all looking well and are in good spirits. Frank Murphy insists that he is going home in spring. He must have made some secret arrangement with the Kaiser.

Also did I tell you that I have had two visits from gunner Fred Langstone? A few days after I had received your letter with his address, Fred landed in the festive village on a scouting expedition, and located me without trouble. You see I am one of the prominent business men of the town now, it is quite easy to locate my office on the main street, 'as it were'. Fred looks very well and is growing, perhaps I should say has grown, a slight moustache. It is not large enough to be objectionable like mine, and so is quite becoming. The lucky brute is over in London this minute on 9 days leave. He was to have left yesterday morning, and I believe is taking out a commission in the artillery. He will make a splendid officer.

Had a scant letter from Alf the other day. He apparently was playing a waiting game, although I have written him twice since he went down to T. When he got a wad of my letters from home, he opened up a little, but very little. I was hoping he would tell me all about Vic and the 'Bob', but he did not mention [the] subject at all. He rather gloated over fact that he had not been home for over a month. Some stretch eh, at least it is for him.

We are told that we are going to have a rest next week. They tell us that we are to be out 12 days and build a railroad some place. Soon we will all be independent, most people who build railroads are at least. However it is all in a lifetime and will be a change.

Is Marge still working on my socks? Tell her the winter has got a good start on her. Perhaps she intends to have them for next winter. And here is an open invitation for anyone wishing to do Red Cross work. Just tell them to write to me, as that is about our one pastime and amusement, reading letters. Tell Grace and Anne Wright, if they are at home, that it would be a fine way to do their bit. 'All correspondence treated as personal and names only on application'.

I see by 'Rep' that Uncle Wm. is pulling off another of his slashing and semi?sensational sales. How is that for Sister Susie stuff? So H. G. has returned to Hamilton. I guess the old town was a bit slow for Mr Addison. Has Wm. Frankenstein forsaken the parental roof again?

over a week but it will likely come soon. Had one from Aunt Jean other day. Poor Ab. Isn't it too bad the kid is so troubled with his tonsils. I hope the doctor succeeds in getting them all out and properly. I still have one, as I sometimes have occasion to know.
Kind regards to Elizabeth and lots of love for father, mother and self.

Love Wilbert.

P S Rec'd parcel from G F yesterday and it was very acceptable indeed. W H G

P.S. Rec'd globe & star today from Father. How are Saturday nights? Many thanks. W.H.G.

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