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Date: January 11th 1915


Jan 11th 1915 [year misdated]

Dear Mother,

Arrived home from the Rest Hospital today, did not like to write before as I had a fairly good attack but am glad to say I am fine again.

It is good to be home again even if it is a very humble home. They treated me very well indeed at the last hospital but hospital life & I do not agree.

Have had a complete rest for over two weeks now so should feel more like work. I will start in, in the morning but will just work half day to start with. If the weather keeps fine I shall ride quite a lot in afternoons and will be better than ever in few days.

I sent a cable via London before Xmas. Hope it reached its destination in time. Cables are an uncertain quantity out here, especially in times like these.

Have not answered any of my Xmas letters yet nor thanked any of my friends for presents, so I must get busy soon.

Had a nice letter from Lawrence Tasker today. Also his Xmas card & a nice book. Very nice of him, wasn't it? Also had presents from Winnipeg Dental Society, Royal College of Dental Surgeons and my supply house. These all came while I was at hospital.

I am feeling rather tired tonight so will go to bed & write later.

Lots of love for all family.


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