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Date: February 4th 1916

Febr'y 4th 1916

Dear Em:

Had a letter from Fred just after your parcel arrived, so I sent his parcel right on with my letter. I will give you his address in case he does not send it right away,

Sec. Lieut. F. H. Langstone,
R. A. Mess,

Not much of an address but I guess it will get him O.K. I am all balled up on my correspondence this week. I think I answered your last letter but I am not sure. Anyway I haven't ] heard since the parcel arrived, the cocoa-coated contents contained. You see I am writing two days earlier this week so that makes the difference.

The first of the weekly 'Mail and Empires' has arrived, tell Father. I read it right thru and it was very much like a weekly. But the 'Saturday Post' has got them all beaten. It comes every week and is very crisp. I take it over to the hospital when I finish it and it is much appreciated by all.

Did I tell you that I had rec'd 'Potash & Perlmutter' from L. W. T. [?] I wrote him tonight.

I also had a letter from Bob & Flossie Hanna, and one from Grace tonight. And one from Beta Allen. Oh, my I had lots of letters this week. If every week were as good the war would soon be over.

Met Major Ross of 1st Batt'n last night. He is Frank Murphy's officer. He thinks a great deal of Frank and is trying to get a commission for him. He says he is by long odds the best of the Mt Forest outfit. He bunked with Fred Campbell right up to [the] last and said that Campbell had received his Captaincy alright but it came thru after his death. However his widow will benefit by the promotion, for which I am glad, as I guess the poor thing needs all that is coming. Young Bill Patton (Emma's brother) over here isn't doing much. He has been given a chance at nearly everything but has landed finally as a batman. Just a case of drink. (Of course, mum's the word).

I hope you will soon have sense enough to take it easier at school. Let Tommy do a little of the work. Great Scott you wouldn't have to work so hard in front line trenches! I think I know just about how you felt as I had a slight touch myself, not so long ago. Belle had a bad time of it, but I am glad that poor little Fred escaped so well.

I am sure there was much �clat at the Col's wedding. Much wetness of eyes and clearing of throats. It will be a little experience for Eva, too won't it?

I read with much mingled feeling of the Agar wedding. Was Al [?] the one I was all gone over? Why did I ever leave home? Was Niagara Falls there for the occasion? These are the questions the public are asking and they have a right to know. Things that concern the electors in general & all in particular. Answer.

We had a lecture tonight on "Gas". It was very interesting indeed. I always have my presence decorated with a gas helmet these days. I keep one at the office and another hanging on my bed, and I'm taking no chances. Of course, when the time comes I may decide to gulp the gas in preference to the foul smelling helmet but me for the helmet in the meantime. The Germans have got so many kinds of gas now, and we have got to be prepared for any one of them, that they have dosed the helmet with an antidote for every gas known and I never smelt a worse collection of foul odors.

Mt. Forest must be comparatively lively again with so many soldiers. They will keep things going this winter alright that is if they are like "soldiers I have known".

How is old Beta getting along? I don't suppose she will get a school for a few years yet but she would rather substitute I suppose and then she isn't tied down.

The family at 96 seem to be some better from last reports. I hope Auntie does not have to go away this winter. She hates to be away all winter and it is pretty rotten. Alfred seems to be having a bad time with his throat, poor kid.

I am so glad Mother is keeping well. She cannot of course cut out the work completely but she might take things a little easier, I think.

I hope Miss Smith is better long before this. Dr Merkle will bring her around again in a hurry.

Miserable Gledhill has got a lazy streak these days. Since I have been feeling O.K. again, he has let up a little. So every time I see him now I make him take my bed out into the yard and air it. His great delight now seems to be in arranging my Xmas cards on the mantle and sharpening my razor. He is itching for leave. I think he has a wife & four lovely daughters in England.

Lots of love for all the family, and I hope all are feeling just like I feel now.

Loving bro

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