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Date: June 6th 1916


June 6th 1916

Dear Father,

Weather lately has been absolutely punk. Cold and lots of rain. When one has nothing to do, and bad weather it makes a bad combination. Either one is bad enough. I have spent the last week in Folkestone. Mrs Andrews and Muriel left Hythe on Tuesday last for London and Canada. My friends the Reades had kindly invited me to live with them while in Folkestone or until I was ready to leave for France. So I went to their place directly I had seen the A's on the train, and have been there ever since.

They are certainly very kind hearted people. Mr Reade who is [a] teller in the bank here is a thorough Irishman and kindness itself. Mrs Reade is also very much the same way, and between them they kill me with kindness. One would think I was a long lost brother or something like that and they treat me as though I were an invalid.

I came up to London tonight just for a day or two. I have a few little things to do before I go back to France, providing I ever do get back, and it is a break.

I often wish some of you people were over here, so that I could drop in on you once in awhile. It would make things a lot pleasanter [sic].

I am making very poor progress in getting back to my work. It is a case of the spirit is willing but the body is weak. I don't mean my own body but the Military body as a whole. Apparently Col Armstrong is helpless as he has written to the G[eneral] O[fficer] C[ommanding] and has been referred to the War Office. He is coming up town to interview the War Office on Thursday, so I may hear something then. In the meantime, he is going to attach me for duties to a local unit at Shorncliffe. I don't object to working a bit but I am afraid that if I start in here they will keep me at it and I will be a fixture, which isn't what I want at all. However, we shall see.

I had quite a busy time of it last week. I knew I had some dentistry to be done on my own account so I went to an English dentist, a friend of mine, I met him in June last, and he has fixed me up. He certainly gave one a terrible time and I spent hours every day in his chair. I had a terrible lot to be done and I expect to be broke when I get my bill. But I would rather be broke than toothless.

We are rather getting it here these days. First the Navy and today poor Lord Kitchener. Everyone here feels very blue about K. and all flags are at half-mast. I guess things will look brighter soon though.

Your letter and Em's arrived two days ago. It made very good time indeed. It was dated May 15th, and I think that is a speed record. My mail still makes the grand rounds, and it is the best way. I think even if it does take a little longer, as I don't know when I will be shifted.

I am feeling fine again but tired after my rather hard week. Will try to write again before I go back. Lots of love for Mother, Em, Alf and self and kind regards to Miss Smith.

Loving son

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