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Date: September 7th 1917


Dear Alice,

Thank you very much for your nice parcel and also card. I would have written before, but I was expecting a letter from you. Up to now it has not come. I guess that is because you have none of mine to answer, eh. Well Alice, how are you all at home now? Quite well I hope. I am feeling fine now, thanks. Never better. I guess by now you are back from your holidays again. I hope you had a good time, did you? I wonder if I will be on my holidays this time next year. Do you see much of Harold now? The weather here is grand now. I hope it continues for a while. Have you heard any news of H. Houldsworth lately? I wonder how he is getting on. How is G. Greening? Still doing naughty things? Say Alice, that cake of yours was just wonderful. Never had anything so nice for a long time. I tell you what would go good now. That is corn fritters. I think I remember how to make them. Let me see. You fry them in lard don't you? My respects to Ma. I still remember one Saturday afternoon when I was cooking some. Do you? How are all the newly married folks going on now? Are Frank and Jessie as sloppy as they used to be? Some pair. But I guess they are happy and that is all that really matters when we come to think about it. Have you found that right man yet Alice? Don't forget to answer that question because I am interested. Then, if you have, I could save some pennies for another happy day besides Lily's. Oh bye the way, how is Syd getting on? Quite well I hope. I am afraid that this letter will not interest you very much. I have no news to tell you. It is just a line to let you know that I am still quite O.K. I guess this is all for now, so I will close. My best wishes to all at home and kindest regards to you.

Your very sincere friend


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