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Date: December 31st 1916

Dec. 31, 1916
My Dear Mother,

Received yours of Dec. 16th to-day. New Years eve tonight and pretty quiet too. Was so glad to hear from you also to get Morison's address. I'm going to write her to-night too.

I hardly think I will stay up and watch the Old Year out tonight, if I was home I probably would but you understand the circumstances. Why sure we Truro fellows are all together. I didn't want to say anything about Harold because it may cause a lot of needless worry, because he wasn't serious. I don't think that Sprague was hit very hard, just a slight wound in the hip. Guess he is having a good rest in the "Blighty".

I did hear from Jen it was of the opinion that I had answered her, but perhaps I didn't. I know for sure I sent her a post card. However I will write her soon. Am mailing Mrs. Bowes a card tonight with this letter.

Hope you get clear of that place pretty soon Mother. It is doing no good that I can see. Pidge seems to be having a pretty decent time. How about Eric?

It is pretty tough about the Brigade, but the bunch already over here have to be reinforced to full strength.

There seems to be all kinds of peace rumors floating around, hope some of them are true, though I can't see it yet. Must stop now, write as often as you have time. Heaps of love to all from your son.