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Date: August 8th 1916

Tuesday August 8, 1916

Last night we went out from Dickebusch through Voormesiele, down by the Convent Wall, through Scottish Bush and through to the new stretcher trench christened Oxford St. We went down that for a ways getting into some mud holes on the way that let us in over our boot-tops. Then 15 of us were given a risky job clearing out an old trench. Well I guess Fritzie spotted us for the hour that we spent in there was a game of tag with the bullets. Everytime we went to straighten out the cricks in our backs we would have to drop back flat from a fusillade of bullets. It wasn't more than a ditch we were in so we had to be careful. However we all got out safe, thank God, and got home early about 1 a.m.