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Date: August 30th 1916

Wednesday August 30, 1916

Today, because there was so many sick from yesterday's experience the daily 4 ½ mile route march to the drill ground was called off. Any way it has rained hard all day. We stayed in, got acquainted with our new rifles and were paid. Tonight it is still raining out so we may not go out tomorrow. My chum George Farmer (of St. John New Brunswick) went out to get a hot meal in a restaurant in a little town down the road, but strange to say there was not one restaurant, bar or as the French call it estaminet in the place where one could buy a meal. So we had to fall back on the Y.M.C.A. tent which has practically nothing to sell and is out of change; so if a fellow has only a big bill (5 francs, $1.00) he must buy a dollar's worth.

The fellows nearby all came home drunk last night, and there was a big revelry of song, argument and fighting till after midnight.