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Date: August 31st 1916

Thursday August 31, 1916

Were roused up early this morning and was one of the advanced party to go ahead and prepare a range for the battalion to try out the new Le Enfields on. To-day is kind to us a the sun is going to come out so I hope we'll have a chance to dry our boots, socks, puttees and clothes a little.

We have located an old chalk-pit and we found 10 targets, so we have dug a trench and planted these targets something like this, (sketch). I find that my shooting has not deteriorated any, even with the Le Enfield. In 20 shots, 10 without and then 10 with gas masks on. First five shots grouped centre, second five, four bulls, one inner. With helmet on 3 bulls, 2 inners, then 3 bulls, 1 inner, 1 magpie. The range was about 75 yards.

Had another sock issue so I got a new pair and am fixed O.K. A man's feet are all-important in this game.