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Date: November 5th 1916
Henry Baird

Nov 5/11/16

Dear Brother

Your most welcome Letter received And was glad to hear that you were all well As this Letter Leaves me at present only I have a nother boil on my shoulder and I am excused duty. So I am going to write all day we have been in A perfect Hell this Last few week we went into the trenches monday night it was poaring rain and it took us About six hour to go 4 miles. I have heard tell of mud out here but by god I never saw the Like of it in all my Life. Well we started into the trench and we got into water Lord Brook got pretty severly wounded yesterday by A Shell I haven t had any Letters for A couple of week only one from Mag. And they were all well out there I don t know what is the Matter with the people I write on An Average of 5 or 6 Letters A week And I have only had 5 or 6 since I come over here I think I will cut out writing Altogether I has been very quiet on this front but I think there will soon be something doing But our Artillery reckon to Send over 30 shells for every on Fritz sends over. Thursday Fritz. Sent over A couple of rum jars And our Lads Sent him About 20 back And tore H—– out of his trenches. One of the German Rum jars fell About 20 feet from A bunch of us and maybe it dident throw Some clay over on us. The other night when I was sleeping In my dug out I was dreaming the Germans were carrying me off A prisoner And I wake up and found myself half way out of the dugout – So you see they are pretty bigones we have here. We have them with the Asce of Spades on their back Some with the union Jack and other ones they are that big they are crummy their selves I think they crawl Across from

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