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Date: September 17th 1916

Sunday September 17, 1916

The day of rest has been the hardest day yet. The 26th has done itself but at a terrible cost. The battalion is practically shot to pieces, sections, platoons and companies being practically wiped out. We wonder how they managed to live, for the ration party of the last two days taking food to them has been simply obliterated by shell fire. I'm afraid that a couple of the 59th draft have been killed too. Sir Douglas Haig has sent an official congratulatory letter to the officers and men of the 2nd Canadian Division telling them that they have gone farther than any other division on the Somme front. This is French, British or Colonial. The 26th belongs to this glorious, hard-bitten division.

While I write, the din outside is a veritable hell of sound. Shells are bursting everywhere and our great masses of Canadian artillery are adding their deep bass to the terrible anthem.