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Date: September 19th 1916

Tuesday September 19, 1916

The 26th have been relieved at last. And we, the working party on the ammunition columns were to have been relieved tonight also, but at the last minute the order was rescinded. It was raining outside and the landscape was a sort of futuristic painter's picture of a mud bank in a rainstorm, so we along with our relief doubled up for the night. This morning we got off about 10:30 under the wan smile of a sickley looking sun. We mucked through mud and wet, floated helpfully along by occasional showers, to Albert. From there we travelled by (formerly London) busses to a rest billet about 25 miles back, passing through the villages of Hedouville, Forceville, Varennes, Toutencourt to the village of Herrissart. We slept in a barn on a thin matting of wet straw, but slept well in spite of many discomforts.