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Date: September 29th 1915

Dearest Arfa:

I may possibly see you before you get this but just to stick to my every other day I am writing. It was so nice to hear about your lovely cricket day. How I wish I had been there to see you. Its a long time since you have had such cricket as that.

I has been a busy time and as I said before I didn't know how much stuff we had. There seems such lots to pack away. Mrs Ross's furniture arrived to-day and adds anew to the confusion but we are getting it all cleared away.

I am going down on Friday afternoon train. I haven't heard from your mother yet but if it isn't convenient for her it would be rather fun for us to take a room at that little hotel you spoke of. What do you think? I could play around all day down town just seeing sights and then in the evenings you could [?] me or I might do some reading for you. It would seem like old honeymoon days wouldn't it?

The war news is decidedly good these days but there will be awfully heavy casualty lists I am afraid. Perhaps you won't have to go after all Arfa but I am afraid you would be a bit disappointed wouldn't you? Dearie I love to think of you being a soldier and and having a share in all that is going on but our little home is very dear and sweet isn't it and I think we will both rejoice when we can have it back again.

Mr & Mrs Ross are very kind and make it seem very comfortable for me so that I can't feel they are interlopers at all. Mr Ross seems to have an immense capacity for work and there is no danger of office work being slack. He had a little passage at arms with Mr Burn[?] in court but there were no broken hats. Love and kisses dearest Arfel from

Your loving Alice

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Original Scans