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Date: February 26th 1917

2 Linnell Close
Golder's Green. N.W
Monday. Feb. 26. '17.
Dearest Arfa:

There was a dear little busy letter to greet me this morning and I loved every word of it. I'm so sorry about poor Sgt. Whitlock, dearie - I can feel how hard it is when you lose any of your men, particularly the ones who were with you at Bramshott. But you have been pretty lucky haven't you and you have most of the original ones still. Am I right about this? I often look at the group and wonder which ones are still with you. You will have many stories to tell about that group in years to come.

We have just heard from Jack that he is having trouble with that needle in his foot of long ago. He has to go about with a crutch and has had it x rayed and will possibly have to have it taken out. What a strange thing for it to rise up again after all these years, twelve he says it is.

To-day has been a regular spring day with sunshine, too. How I rejoice in it for I know it must cheer you so and incidentally dry up trenches and keep you from sinking miles into France.

The Germans seem to be finding the A[?] altogether too hot for them for they are moving back at a rate. Goodnight dear heart with all my love and kisses to make you happy.

Your little pal Alice Leighton