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Date: March 12th 1917

2 Linnell Close
Golder's Green. N. W. 4
Monday. Mar. 12. '17

Dearest Arfa:

No letters between the 3rd and the 8th have arrived. It seems so strange after a letter daily for months - have you been 'censured' I wonder. I was at the Red Cross most of the day and wrote such a lot of letters. It is a most interesting job and so far my letters have been "getting better" cases though some of them do drag on for months. I met Mrs. Strong down town and we had tea together and a nice chat. She is very jolly and nice but like a lot of the rest of us, longing for peace and home again.

To-day's news is very good. The taking of Bagdad so quickly is very cheering and makes it look as if they could join up with the Russians sooner than was expected. And the successes at the [?] continue, things look fairly bright just now - if only we could follow it up right along the line, without too many casualties. Without any at all I should like to say but that is altogether too much to hope for.

I go up to Aunt Edie's on Wednesday - I've given her address I think "c/o Miss Wright, Sandal House. Sandal. Wakefield". I repeat it just in case you didn't get my letter. Did you get Mr. Gurney's letter and Mr. Ross' - you haven't mentioned them - that also makes me think I must have missed some of yours.

I am looking forward to my visit and to see where you were born and where you fell down the steps when they were so busy moving - I wish you remembered more about it all yourself for it is so much more interesting if you know the places too. It would be nicer still if you were only coming too to back me up - I'm rather quaking at doing it all on my own.

Jack writes that he expects to be almost a month on the sick list - they must have had some trouble getting that needle and a pretty sore thing it must be too.

Goodnight my darling with all my love and kisses to make you happy. Your little pal, Alice Leighton.

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