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Date: November 10th 1918

Nov. 10. 18

Dearest Heart:

Your letter of the 3rd came yesterday telling of your entrance into [?] (or so I suppose) Dearie I am so glad you are having all this - it seems such a reward after all the horrid times and as you say you will have such tales to relate. How I wish you could tell all about it. I have just been out to see Pug and find him looking much better today. I am so glad for I was a bit worried about his appearance the first time I saw him. I am going to order some Guinness Stout for him for I think it will do him good.

We have had a little tragedy here today. You remember little Mallory who I introduced you to when you were here. Well he has taken to sprees (most hilarious ones) since the holidays and he cuts up such a row that twice he had been threatened with dismissal. Well last night he had the most uproarious one ever and I believe it took six orderlies to bring him home. He nearly heaved one of them over the bridge into the canal. So today it came and he leaves tonight. I had a little talk with him and he says he may be returned to the House in a month if he can keep himself straight in the meantime. I'm glad he is given that chance. He goes to his Reserve in Folkstone in the meantime. I have been frightfully upset about it all and keep wondering if a little more fussing over him might have kept him straight.

Now I must close dear heart. All love and kisses to keep you safe and happy. I wonder if the armistice is being signed tonight.

Yours lovingly,

Alice Leighton

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