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Date: December 9th 1918

The Bungalow

Dec 9, '18

Dearest Arfa:

There doesn't seem to be much news tonight, but I must just have a few minutes with my Arfa. I had hoped you might be home in January but your letter this morning rather knocks that on the head. It hardly seems possible we can begin planning to go home. Lady [P?] told me the other day that she didn't think there would be any difficulty about getting home. Even if I couldn't get home with you which she thinks is very probable, I could go on a troop ship as part of the troops. She thinks I could choose my own time within a month or so going that way so I would get home about the same time as you. We can almost begin to plan our garden for next year can't we. It will seem strange to settle down again to everyday life - I'm beginning to wonder whether I will like it or not.

I have been so happy here at St. Dunstans working amongst the blind men that I'll constantly miss them and wonder how they are getting on without me. I wish I had come here when I first came over - I would have been almost a sergeant now!

I must get to work again dear heart - you might have another look at your bank account now. It may have altered a bit and may do so a bit more before Christmas. All my love and kisses my darling, to keep you happy.

Your little pal Alice Leighton