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Date: February 4th 1918
Sara Minto-Young

1162 Grosvenor Ave
Feb. 4th/18

My Dearest Alice

It is a good thing Xmas comes once a year and lets me know Alice has not quite forgotten me otherwise I might think you had with good reason.

How everything has changed since war times, all the entertaining being patriotic & with food prices & scarcity in some lines even here it must be awful in London it is a good thing there is work to be done, everyone is so busy and the servant or labor problem is a big one. My maid leaves in 10 days and don't believe I will be able to get another, I often wish my back was stronger so I could get along without or I were in a smaller home, this one is too large.

It is lovely you can have Mr. Leighton sometimes it is so much to look forward to. Enid Whyte Davis is taking a [business?] course just for something to, she feels so aimless with Arnold in France so [Kate?] has little [J?] to care for extra but she does not mind as he is such a dear little fellow so good almost 2 yrs. this month, at the end in fact he will be.

[Minto?] is keen on joining the aviation corps but we hope to keep him for another year if we can he is still growing and such a kid to mix with all kinds & conditions of men yet he won't be 18 yrs. old till the 28th next month he is attending [?] university this year and his "freshie" initiation was worth hearing about I tell you! They have great times at the [?] Friday night is party night & they always look forward to some [?]. I had two pte.'s here for dinner yesterday our Red Cross ladies were all asked to volunteer who could or would take one or two soldiers to Sunday dinner so I said I could take a couple every Sunday if they liked we quite enjoyed having them one was such a charming fellow I also had Doris Whyte Mr & Mrs wood Mrs W. is my cousin & an old Montrealer who lives here now & we had a jolly dinner & they both said they would come back again they expect to go to France with the next draught.

Hilda is fine & growing big going to school regularly and as sweet as ever her Dad simply adores her not to mention her Mother.

Kind regards to Mr. L. and continued good luck with much love to your dear self and kind regards from Don to you both, I remain

Ever you Old Friend

Sara Minto-Young

P.S Donald want to know if you ever play bridge any more he is as much of a "bridge fiend" as ever. S.M.Y.

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