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Date: October 16th 1916

Camp Hughes
Oct. 16/l916
Dear Emmie

I guess I can't call you Kiddo any more for you were 21 yesterday eh! I suppose you are at home for the occassion. Well I spent your birthday some better than I had expected to for I though I would have been on my way to dear old Dublin Bay as the song says but nothing diding. Well Thursday might about 8 oclock they told us all to put in for passes who had not had them inside of two weeks if we wanted one. I was on guard so I put in for one even though I had had one only last Sunday and sure enough it came through. Then I looked up train conections I found that out of Woodnorth, Findlay, Rounthewaite and Justice the lattter was the only place I could get train conections home on Sunday and we had to get in for reveilligh Monday morning so by changing trains three times I made pretty good conections to go the 15 miles to Justice. I left at 9.30 Friday morning waited 3 hours in Bdn. caught one of those slow trains out to Forrest and dropped off her as she passed Knox on the G.T.P. Waited 1/2 hour and caught the GTP to Justice. It is only 15 miles across from here and I took (four) trains to get there. Thats some record eh! Well They had looked for me every weekend all sumer but this one when they thought I had gone away so you can imagine their surprise when I walked into their yard. Of course I was made perfectly welcome and they didn't march me straight into the parlor and come and take my hat and coat and hang it in the hall but shoved open the door and told me to go in and hang my own coat up which of course just made yours truly feel right at home. Then they gave me a chair and went right ahead with their work so in five minutes I felt as if I had known them all my life.

When Mr. Thompson came home for dinner he did not wait to be introduced just walked in and shook hands and said he knew me long
ago from hearing the girls talk of me so you see I'm rather a popular being out there. Well they gave me a dandy time and I left on the GTR yesterday morning and got into camp at noon. Yesterday morning and got into camp at noon.

Then Saidie and Mrs. Kenny came in on the 2.30 p.m. train so I spent the afternoon and most of the night with them. Their train left at 2.30 a.m. so it was a long waite at the station espicially when I had been on Guard all night thursday night, and up at 1.30 or rather all night Friday night except when I would snatch a wink or two as I waited for the trains to Brandon. Then Saterday night I went over to Justice with the Girls to Choir practice and got home about 10 and to bed about 12. Then last night up until Three to see Saidie away so don't be surprised if this quits pretty quick for I can hardly hold my eyes open now. Say that Hazel Thompson sure can sing for a kid. she will be every bit as good as Mrs. Wittick in time. She is a nice kid very quiet with just enough mischief in her to make her attractive.

We are not sure of when we leave for ? but it is rumored Friday. Of course the old adress will catch me until I send another.

Gee I can't see the paper so good night. Sorry I won't be able to send anything for your birthday just now for my finnances are low but will send something later from across the see.

Yours lovingly