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Date: October 22nd 1916

Camp Hughes
Oct. 22/16
Dear Mither.

I received your letter last night and must get this written and away this morning so as you can get it and reply before we leave for oversea's for we are now Officially warned for oversea's "so the Col announced to us Friday we leave Camp on Thursday about 2 oclock P.M. When and where we will make our first stop I do not know. It seems a long long way from home but when one can't get home They may as well be two or three thousand miles as 2 or 3 hundred away. I would not mind a winter in Wpg. or Sask. but it look bad for the Battn not to get away and we must keep up with the rest. The 203 has gone you see.

You said in your letter that Frank was going to Wpg. If you know his adress you might drop him a line and he could be at the station if he is not busy then. I don't know what route we take but it will likely be C.P.R. to Wpg.

I got a good supply of letters yesterday. One from you and one from each of the Thompson girls and one from Ida. All were good long letters and sensible too? Irene said she hoped I would continue to write from overseas because my letters were very interesting and sensible, none of that Mushie, Washie, stuff ha, ha, She sure was right in the latter for such is not in my line. Ill admitt though they are rather radical at times for I never hesitate to express my views on any subject in question.

Yes I was one of the guys on whom the vaccine was working but not one to be laid up with the cold. One poor chap in our tent took sick yesterday and is still sick. He was pretty feverish last night but is much better today. There were 160 on sick parade Friday and the whole bunch should have been there. Then they could have had no parades.

I haven't had any word from Sadie since she went back. I sure hope she did not catch cold I had a letter from Lena. Wilfred is in the hospital in Brandon with a game leg. May see Lena before I get away.

No I did not say anything to Capt or rather Major Bateman. I decided to let things run their course. Two or three men have thrown up stripes on account of the raw deals that are being pulled in the company so as far as that goes I am better off without the stripe but I hate to see anyone slip anything over on me. Never fear the war won't last for ever and we will all be placed on the one level some day again. Then is when I tell Mr. Nicolson just what I think of him a bit plainer than I am allowed to do at present. Talk about using his position to protect him, "he sure does" for there is hardly a man in the company who has any use for him.

Never fear of me worrrying much about Nat for there is no cause to worry from that source and he will just act as a scarecrow for others ha! ha!

Yes I got my part of the money OK. and think I will have enough and it won't hurt me to scrimp a bit anyway,.

We had church in the Twin theatre today. Capt Oliver Officiated and gave us a splendid sermon.

Well mither here is where I close to catch the 12 oclock mail. Hope to hear from you again at Camp Hughes. Will write again before leaving and will send adress then.

Super loving son